Holy Sprinkles!

They don’t look like all that many altogether…. and yet I keep having to buy larger storage bins for all my sprinkles 😉 Not a bad problem to have in my opinion. Some people have collections of shoes, watches or cars. I have a growing collection of fun and festive sprinkles! It’s not even enough to have one of each color… then there are varying shapes, and sanding sugar or larger crystals, or iridescent or pearlized, flavored or not, single color or mixed etc. The options are endless. <3


New gift….

I got a beautiful Kitchen Aid stand mixer for Christmas!! I’d worn my second hand-mixer out and figured I’d have to just buy another one. Everything I’d done up to this point was with that mixer. Quite frankly, it has taken me a little bit of getting used to trusting this machine to do much of the work for me! But it is quite lovely, and so freeing to have my hands available to prepare the next step of ingredients while it mixes away 🙂 I also received two new baking sheets and Silpats earlier in the month for my birthday! <3 <3 <3

kitchen aid mixer