Hats Off Graduate 2018

I don’t take commissioned baking orders very often as they can be challenging to schedule with busy-as-usual-life and a full time day job, but every now and then I jump at the chance to make something special for someone ๐Ÿ˜‰ This was a fun high school graduation cake for one of my co-worker’s daughters, and I am happy with how it turned out.

EVENING 1: Research recipes, select final recipe and shop for ingredients

The request was for a chocolate vanilla marble cake, and I’d never made one before, but felt happy with this recipe I found online. Granted, I wasn’t able to make the party, so was not able to taste it and critique the texture, moistness etc. but I hope the guests were pleased.

EVENING 2: Bake the cake layers and cover completely to chill overnight in the refrigerator to be firm enough to frost

Instructions: Vanilla > Chocolate > Vanilla > Marble with knife ๐Ÿ™‚

EVENING 3: Trim and level the cake layers and prepare to stack, crumb coat, frost and decorate!

I didn’t realize the marble effect would be so visible after trimming the cakes in preparation for stacking them – so beautiful!

After mulling over the direction the decoration would take, and having gone through several iterations in my head, I landed on a simple ombre-like effect from red (as red as I could get this frosting! Also–one of the high school colors) to white, a medley of sprinkles (of course!), and some fun starburst-flower-like piping! I’ve seen many cakes use a similar piping technique, and it always seems a bit whimsical and loose and still each one unique.

First round of decoration finished and chilling in the refrigerator… I considered stopping at this point, but decided that a high school graduation cake should have more pizzaz! I also knew what the custom cake topper looked like and decided that it should have a more hefty supporting role below ๐Ÿ™‚

Final product! <3

And the custom cake topper that would be united with its cake at the party!

Spring Strawberry Cake

My weekend baking project was this strawberry layer cake (previously made back in June 2012), and is one of my favorite cakes to this day. This time, I had a chance to snap a few photos before taking it to the cake tasting event in my neighborhood.





Here’s the cake at the “cakeluck” in process of being devoured…



Success! It all got eaten ๐Ÿ™‚


Orangesicle Cake


Party time!

Thank you, Sweetapolita, for this lovely Orange Party Cake Recipe! I was intrigued by the summery theme for a good, light dessert for a joint birthday party. And I am a big fan of your Pastel Swirl Technique Video Tutorial! I still have a lot of practice ahead of me; Mine don’t turn out nearly as beautiful and perfect as yours, but celebrations make the perfect excuse to practice.


First layer down with filling on top


All layers and fillings ready for crumb coat



Voila! frosted, complete with flower on top. I picked up these adorable flowers at Miette in San Francisco.

Duckie Baby Shower Cake

I baked this duckie themed cake for a friend’s baby shower! Once again, I used one of my favorite frosting techniques from Sweetapolita. I found the “Mamma” duckie at a party store, and borrowed the other “baby” duckie magnets from a friend. Honestly, if I made this cake again, I would add a ribbon around the bases or something more subtle and simple. I think it ended up feeling too busy with all the frosting, sprinkles, ducksย and what was supposed to be a blue fountain ๐Ÿ™‚ One cake was chocolate and the other was my favorite strawberry cake.ย 


Bottom layer done….

baby shower cake 1

Before finishing touches…

baby shower cake 2



Strawberry Dual-Birthday Cake

I discovered Rosie’sย Sweetapolitaย baking website and fell in love with her strawberry layer cake recipe. The color is beautiful and the cake so fragrant. For the birthday cake that I made, I used Sweetapolita’s fancy Pastel Swirl frosting technique.

Having taken birthday treats to various restaurants before and not having an issue, it didn’t occur to me… but for this dual-birthday celebration at a local restaurant, we were told a cake cutting fee per person would be charged! We were already there though, and they cut the cake and served it for us.

strawberry love

The cake in process in my kitchen


At the restaurant, ready to be sliced by our server



strawberry love 2

Sliced and ready-to-eat at the restaurant


that was delicious.


Since I ended up with a little extra batter, I made some mini cupcakes… love these little treasures, the colors, and white non-pareil sprinkles. ๐Ÿ™‚

bite sized sprinkle love

bite sized