Hats Off Graduate 2018

I don’t take commissioned baking orders very often as they can be challenging to schedule with busy-as-usual-life and a full time day job, but every now and then I jump at the chance to make something special for someone 😉 This was a fun high school graduation cake for one of my co-worker’s daughters, and I am happy with how it turned out.

EVENING 1: Research recipes, select final recipe and shop for ingredients

The request was for a chocolate vanilla marble cake, and I’d never made one before, but felt happy with this recipe I found online. Granted, I wasn’t able to make the party, so was not able to taste it and critique the texture, moistness etc. but I hope the guests were pleased.

EVENING 2: Bake the cake layers and cover completely to chill overnight in the refrigerator to be firm enough to frost

Instructions: Vanilla > Chocolate > Vanilla > Marble with knife 🙂

EVENING 3: Trim and level the cake layers and prepare to stack, crumb coat, frost and decorate!

I didn’t realize the marble effect would be so visible after trimming the cakes in preparation for stacking them – so beautiful!

After mulling over the direction the decoration would take, and having gone through several iterations in my head, I landed on a simple ombre-like effect from red (as red as I could get this frosting! Also–one of the high school colors) to white, a medley of sprinkles (of course!), and some fun starburst-flower-like piping! I’ve seen many cakes use a similar piping technique, and it always seems a bit whimsical and loose and still each one unique.

First round of decoration finished and chilling in the refrigerator… I considered stopping at this point, but decided that a high school graduation cake should have more pizzaz! I also knew what the custom cake topper looked like and decided that it should have a more hefty supporting role below 🙂

Final product! <3

And the custom cake topper that would be united with its cake at the party!

Happy 4th Birthday, Bridgetown Design!

My friends hired me to bake cupcakes for their company birthday party! I had fun with these vintage malt milkshake-inspired cupcakes; they were my first filled cupcakes, and I got to try out my cupcake corer! 🙂 Still working on the piping techniques!

Happy 4th, Bridgetown Design!



Vanilla cupcakes with real strawberry filling and cream cheese frosting. Garnished with a strawberry and red and white paper straw. {I’m hearing Contestant voices on Cupcake Wars presenting their cupcake flavors to the judges….haha!}


Ready to go in the oven




strawberry filled!



Here are some fun progress shots I barely had enough time to stop and take! I think they tell the story well….









Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate pudding filling and chocolate frosting. Garnished with a Maraschino cherry and teal and white paper straw.


still cooling in the pan




I had fun with these ‘section shots’ 🙂 It’s the make up of a cupcake!











Baking with Pictures

This Ikea – Homemade is Best site left an impression with me the first time I saw it. I thank a former co-worker who has since passed for this gift. Having an extremely visual learning style, and appreciation for organization and graphics and design, makes me appreciate this book even more. I love it because it demonstrates a universal language to me with undeniable grace and beauty.

Not nearly as detailed or graphically successful, I created these picture menu sheets for fun to send to my family in Korea so that they could make my Mom’s famous cookie bars without me…

Cookbook_CookieBarslList copy

Page 1 – Ingredients


Cookbook_CookieBars copy

Page 2 – Directions


Later on, a family member in Korea created this Korean potato recipe for me….

potato copy (1)