First Holiday Cookie Party

I hosted a Holiday Cookie Party one year, and it has basically become tradition… it’s such a great way to bring my friends together and have fun baking and decorating festive cookies. I’ve planned in a couple of ways–one in which people bring ingredients for baking and frosting, and then we bake and decorate. Second, I prepare most of the cookies and frosting ahead of time to streamline the process (guests can bring anything special or particular type of cookie they might want to bake), otherwise, everything is basically ready to go. I do leave a batch or two of dough ready-to-roll so that guests can choose their own shapes to roll, cut, bake and decorate 🙂

I LOVE seeing the array of unique creativity and to see my friends have fun. I’m not always good at taking pictures of all of them, but below are the ones that I did capture.

(Please excuse the horrible quality of photo documentation!)