Carrot Rose Topper Cupcakes

The only rose in/on these cupcakes is the shape of the carrot peel topper – no actual rose flavoring 🙂 I recently saw this technique on a blog and decided they were far too cute not to try myself. Got myself some rainbow carrots with tops and went to work!

There’s only so much you can do photographing your baked goods with your camera phone when you have a little more time in the evening inside, under artificial lighting…

But I did snap this tupperware shot in the morning (better lighting!) of some of the cupcakes that went to work with me 🙂 Loving the variety of cupcake and carrot rose topper sizes. ??

Pansy cupcakes

These were a fun new challenge to tackle for a friend’s bridal shower! My friend loves flowers, so I knew incorporating real flowers into her special treat would be perfect. I think I could have done a better job had I allowed a little more time to let the flowers fully dry, but I think they still looked pretty and pretty tasty too 🙂

bridal shower 3 bridal shower 4 bridal shower bridal shower 2

Fall Treats

Fall is my favorite time of year and what I consider to be the beginning of an intense baking season! I love fruit in general, but apples are one of my all-round favorites and caramel apples one of my favorite fall treats. I didn’t have fancy sticks this time around, but used forks! I also helped my best friend and her mom press apple cider 🙂


Beautiful homegrown flowers from my Mom’s garden




in my hometown



apple love


apples for cider pressing!


My caramel apples could use some work… but they sure were tasty



juicy bite