Holiday Cookie Exchange 2013

I was invited and participated in my first holiday cookie exchange!


Almost all the cookies on the table ready for exchange…


How it works:

1. Bake 6-8 dozen holiday cookies, and package them up in 6 or 12 – depending on what the cookie is, how many you bring, what fits best etc.

2. All invited parties gather at one location on the designated cookie exchange night

3. All extras, burnt cookies, broken pieces etc. are set out for sampling

4. All ready-to-exchange-cookie packages are displayed for later exchange

5. After some visiting, drinking, snacking and sampling….

6. Each person introduces the cookies that he or she brought… and the exchange commences!

At the end of the evening, you leave with as many cookies as you arrived with, but so many more, beautiful and tasty varieties to enjoy. Happy Holidays!!!


I made these two:

Potato chip cookies

I’ve made these before and have been very happy with them. Of course, right!?–they have potato chips in and on top of them!!! 😉


crushed potato chips for the dough, and crushed potato chip and flaked sea salt topping ready to go for my two batches…


golden brown and you can see the toasted pecans


Chocolate Rugelach

This was a new recipe for me, but I was happy with how they turned out. The dough was nice and flaky, and the Ghiradelli chocolate on the inside was of course quite nice as well. 🙂


chilled dough, ready to roll. Each dough quarter makes 12 rolls according to the recipe. I ended up making 8 each so that they were slightly larger…


dessert pizza?


cinnamon sugar and bittersweet chocolate chunks


up close


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