A Hoppy Easter to All! ^^

Easter 2015_01

These egg cookies look nothing like the Ukranian eggs my Grandma was so good at decorating (similar to these), but I definitely thought of her and her immensely talented detail work while baking this batch. There is nothing waxy about these royal icing decorated sugar cookies – only a sugary, buttery, slightly soft crunch. 🙂

Easter 2015_02

Easter 2015_03

Candid: Staging in process…

Easter 2015_04

Easter 2015_05

Easter 2015_06

Easter 2015_07

Easter 2015_08Easter 2015_09

Easter 2015_10

Easter 2015_11

Easter 2015_12

Easter 2015_13

Easter pineapple, anyone? 😉

Easter 2015_14

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